I hate PPC it never works for me so that is the end of that... however static links work great. I have been paying a webmaster monthly for years to advertise my directory (www.addyoursitefreesubmit.com) on his site and it gets results. I have spent a lot of time and research trying to find another quality site to advertise on and I am way overcharged with no results. I am looking for an SEO/traffic related site that has real visitors who actually use the site and not just stop by and leave. After all of these years only one site offers me quality traffic and I have profits. If only I can find ONE more site no matter how much the cost, if I get profit I will pay forever. Anyone know of such a site that would be a good fit for my directory? I paid one guy $500 per month and only two people clicked on my ad link.... I want results but it is impossible to find.