Hi guys,

I am back again to do some quality posts on your forum. I'm now available for those who want to hire me both short-term and long-term. I won't accept rates below $0.10 per reply and not less than $0.15 per thread. I will post a minimum of 15+ words per reply and 20+ words per thread. I will assure you that all of my posts are relevant and gives value to your forum's niche.

My strongest niches are:

- Webmaster/Internet Marketing/SEO (not web hosting, programming, designing, etc.)
- MMO/MMORPG's/Games
- Basketball/Wrestling/Soccer
- Health (no viagra, pharmaceuticals, etc.)

NOTE: Please don't hire me to write about forex, stocks, finance and *****/porn.

I prefer daily or weekly payments via Paypal. If you are going to pay me once a month, don't bother PM me.