I want to sell my Rapidshare Premium Link Generator

The site: http://www.LeechPlus.com

Domain registered at GoDaddy at 10/10/2011
The domain vaild until 10/10/2012

LeechPlus is Rapidshare Premium Link Generator, it's based on RapidLeech script.
*You need premium accounts to run this site.

  • Rapidleech based script (Highly modified)
  • Supporting every filehost where rapidleech plugin is available for, so almost all of them..
  • Files are streaming from filehost > downloader instead of Server > HDD > downloader , wich makes it basically a premium link generator
  • HDD is not really needed since its streaming files, max 10 gb.
  • Members area with automated paypal payment system (Paypal's IPN)
  • Members will get premium code immediately after purchase (in email)
  • Auto delete account/password when expired
  • Advanced admin control panel (through phpmyadmin, able to customize limits, add/delete members, adding premium accounts etc)
  • Adspots for optimizing ur earnings revenues
  • Most amazing function: Clocktimer wich counts down the wait time after download, and if user clicks on an Advertisement, wait time will decrease automatically, these are also customizable
I close the site due to high load on my VPS.

For the buyer:
I push free the domain via godaddy.
I'll send him all the site content.
Logo PSD

Price - 49$

Payment - Paypal