Two days ago I received a mail which said your ad serving has been disabled because of the below link. The link was shared by one of our users who put up some old indian television ads as ringtones hosted on rapidshare. These tv ads are from 80's and 90's era really old. I was wondering how come sites like who have adsense and host ringtones on their own sites do not get banned from adsense. Just because they are are premium members they can do anything or the adsense policies change if you are premium member. Sites like way2sms have been using adsense ads in pop up layer for months but despite repeated complains they were never banned. Its just small publishers who suffer.

I have written to them how i have been using adsense since last 4 years on my site and was unaware of the fact that ringtones were against adsense policies also i have removed such posts hoping that the adsense account is enabled once again. Lets hope for the best but don't you think google follows dual policy.


During a recent review of your account we found that you are currently
displaying Google ads in a manner that is not compliant with our program


Please note that this URL is an example and that the same violations may
exist on other pages of this website or other sites in your network.


COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL: As stated in our program policies, AdSense
publishers are not permitted to place Google ads on sites involved in the
distribution of copyrighted materials. This includes hosting copyrighted
files on your site, as well as providing links for or driving traffic to
sites that contain copyrighted material. More information about this
policy can be found in our help center (

ACTION TAKEN: We have disabled ad serving to your site.

Your AdSense account remains active. However, please note that our team
reserves the right to disable your account at any time. As such, we
encourage you to become familiar with our program policies and monitor
your network accordingly.