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Hi IMarketers,

Max Vysochanskyy (co-creator of FastAttackPPI, FastAttackRent, FastAttackBiz, Treasurecoach Linkedin) here, and today I am exciting to present you something new and unique from me.
Finally, I am ready to present SEO services from my team to you and your customers! Finally, we are ready to guarantee SERP increase for your websites with our probably the best and cheapeast SEO services.

Almost 1500 Domains In Our
Authority Aged Network {PR 1-5}

got my report a couple of days back. I would like to mention that I am a repeating customer of him and am VERY satisfied with his work. Allthough,
its a little early to mention about the Serp but he had done EXCELLENT job for me Earlier. My site got reached at #1 spot from #26-27 for a very competitive
keyword and I expect the same this time also (not #1 but at least on 1st Page for my KW coz the KW this time is HIGHLY competitive)

Haven't even got the reports yet for one of my very recent orders and already my keywords are dominating! This is an AMAZING service and a great way to build a solid base for a website!

Im a happy customer of Max and have ordered 2 projects in past with VERY good results in SERPs. Wanna order again for 3 new projects now.

PM on the way Max

Ordered on 1/9/12 - Received Report on 1/19/12

Prior to service
Keyword #1 = 99
Keyword #2 = N/A
Keyword #3 = N/A
Keyword #4 = N/A

After service
Keyword #1 = 15
Keyword #2 = 18
Keyword #3 = 27
Keyword #4 = 47

Very pleased with these results. This is the first link building done to this site. I'll use this service again.


I did two different sites.

site 1 was spot 7
site 2 was spot 12

after service was done

site 1 is now spot 2 or 1 depending on where you are
site 2 is now in spot 5

I see the results. Only neg was turn around time was a little slow almost took 3 weeks and still no report.

Not that big of a deal when you see results like this. Placing new order.

Got another round of reports in and seeing MEGA movement upward again. Will be ordering another bulk order shortly!

The work was nicely done! I was impressed with the unique articles his team had put out. The work was timley since its a manual process but you can see
the quality of the work. I looked at the Video they did about my site and I liked it. One thing that needed for marketing purpose is to put more words
on the vid explaining why the site is good and the tags and catagories need to be searchable on a few. other than that im still satisfied with the work.
Will definately be a return customer!

I would like to add some review on the result. My brand new site's keyword isn't ranked or has any backlinks at all.
As of today after 2 weeks Max's work one main keyword and secondary keyword has ranked 108 & 109 respectively out of 700k competitor.
Let's hope it will go higher. Keep up the good work Max. Looking forward to the next site

Once again this service proves it's worth! I've used it on multiple new sites, multiple established sites and all sites have seen significant improvement in rankings.
Many of them have gone to page 1 against moderate competition without having any previous SEO work done.

GREAT guy to work with too!

Got the report and checked it out. All I got to say is that Max did an excellent job with this.

The report was good and included a txt file with everything he done and pdfs with everything he done.
He finished the job before his deadline and he included a lot of bonus sites too.

Articles and pages where well written and the videos were good too.
I can even tell that he really looked at my website by the way the videos was done and how everything he wrote matched my website so good.

I recommend his service to anybody!

Got my reports today, and really like this service. Slightly different to other link networks offered on here as the interlinking seems more random - so possibly leaves a smaller footprint.
Articles are pretty well spun, videos are nice. Shame I missed out on the UAW submissions though.

Recommend this service.

Im a happy customer of Max and have ordered 2 projects in past with VERY good results in SERPs. Wanna order again for 3 new projects now.

PM on the way Max

Received my full package last night, and after reviewing many of the properties created, have to say: Very impressive!

The value for the price is amazing. Lot of work has been put into this linking structure, and lot of time spent to open all of the accounts, post the articles, videos, etc, etc...

I fully recommend Max's services, and am sure we'll do business together again. It was prompt and his team over-delivered for sure.

Two thumbs up Max, and thank you!!!

Hey Guys I just want to step in here and highly recommend Max's service. Great communication, great turnaround time and fantastic results in the search engines.
I gave Max one of my sites as a test and all of my keywords have moved up nicely.

Max really knows his stuff when it comes to SEO and link building and is a real honest guy and gives it to your straight. A+++ 10/10 Highly recommended.

Overall pretty satisfied with his service, he delivered exactly as described and also provided some extras.
The variety of the web 2.0 properties is good, and same with the video directories. Just need to see how many of these stick; i.e. not get removed, and
if there'll be any SERP movement, but of course that's dependent on how many of these links actually get indexed. But he helps somewhat with that with the rss submissions.

WOW! Just got my report! This guy brings more than what he promises to the table. Not only that, his reports are fantastic.
ALL PDF format and very presentable. Quality articles and great linking techniques! I recommend him to anyone on here. Cant wait for the results! I will be back for more!

Thanks for everything Max!
- sem.rank

REVIEW: First all I have to say is wow, this guy over delivers and couldn't be happier with the work done. and The reports come in pdf format with icons for each property/link
which are very nicely presented.
Now just need to wait and see what kind of effect this had on my serps. Will be a repeat customer for sure!

OMG! I got my report day before yesterday and the only word I have to say about Max's service is : "AWESOME"

I really have not seen such a tremendous support AFTER he finished and sent my report. I emailed him 3 times asking different queries about "what he did to the linkwheel
and other properties" and EACH TIME his support was "GREAT" and he patiently answered my all queries.

Also I would like to point out that his knowledge about link wheel creation, bookmarking, and other SEO stuff is really EXCELLENT and he knows his stuff VERY WELL.

Im 200% going to use his service again for 2 more slots, IF he has vacant spots available now.

I have used many linkwheels in the past and know how effective they can be when done RIGHT.
The keyword is RIGHT
I was amazed with this linkwheel structure
There is no foot print that I can see.
It consists of
42 web 2.0 properties all of them high page rank
13 Video properties
24 Social bookmarking properties
40 rss feeds

The report comes with a plain txt file with all the links
It also has 4 pdfs each pdf showing the different properties.

I am so impressed with this.
The articles all look quality making sense and entertaining for readers.
I can easily get this done for individual clients and tell them I did all the work as I enjoy some time away from my pc.

I will be buying more from this service.... today in fact
It is kinda nice when you can shut down completely one area of your traffic generation strategies knowing you cannot match the quality produced even if you did it yourself.
The backlinks generated are of such quality I know there will be massive improvement in the SERPS.
Thanks Max

10 Out of 10

I wanted to get back here and write my review on this mixed backlinks service.

I'm absolutely satisfied with this service. After I got my report I saw that 1 URL with a typo on my side. After mailing with Max he corrected the typo for
free however it was my own fault. This is what I call customer service.

All in all every single link was placed successfully within a well written article and a nice video. Pushing thos "Tier 1" links with additional comments etc
will hopefully let my site gain some ranks towards #1 now. I can absolutely recommend this service.


This Is What You Will Receive

1. Submission to our 1500 Private Network
2. New accounts in wikis, article directories, and social bookmarks
3. Highly spun articles
{uniquness will be between 85-99%
4. Each submission we will use another private proxies
4. Premium Indexation

Features of Private Blog Network:

* Network is about 3 Years Old
* All Sites Are Aged Domains
* Page Ranks 1-5
* 3 Blogs Per Different C Class IP
* 5 Different A Blocks
* All Do-Follow Links
* Permanent Links
First Phase:

* We will write articles 700-800 words.
* We spin, article will be 100% human readable!
* We will submit the spun content to our 1500 Private Network
* We will index them all, and you will get instant SERP Boost
and permanent links.

Second Phase:

* We will submit your main URL and inner pages to Wikis,
Article Directories and Social Bookmarks (Manual Submission)
* We will index them all
Third Phase:

We will prepare report for you. Report will include Wiki Links,
Article Directories and Social Bookmarks.