Hi guys,

I need a logo for my client.

The logo should contain the text: Yousef Maroon

He's a DJ and Event Planner/Wedding Planner.

The logo should be modern and should show quality.
It can include symbol if you want and it can be plain text (do not use a regular Word font please)

We're going to use it for both internet and print.
The logo is going to be on Facebook new timeline which is 180X180 Pix... so I'd rather to have his name/logo on 2 lines (Yousef on a line, and Maroon under it...) but feel free to design your idea...

I'll announce on winner 3 days from today.
Will pay via Paypal.
Keep on mind that I have more logos to design, so we might hire the winner to do the future logo design for our clients..

Thanks in advance