Introducing the new We have been testing and ironing out the new and we believe it to be ready for the public. We have made some well-deserved changes to the site design and layout and we just cannot wait to share it with you guys!
New Changes Include
New design: A new user interface and design has been implemented. We believe this new design to offer better user navigation of the site and makes posting and finding new gigs a breeze!
New User Backend
Featured Gigs Now Available: This was missing in the old design and has now been implemented. Costs only 10$ for 30 days and it will be featured on home page and top of category pages and category search pages for 30 days.
Price Drop: Reduced from 20% to 10% on all gigs(This will only start after the initial beta period)
Faster Withdrawals: Takes only 10 days to request all cleared payments.
No limit withdrawals: Withdraw any amounts that have cleared into your seller account.

Special Launch Offer
0% on all gigs during our beta stages. To celebrate the re-launch and testing beta stages, all gigs made during this period which could range from a month to a year will charged at 0% (you are still responsible for PayPal fees)

Send all bugs and feature requests to or drop a message here and it will be addressed.
Thanks Tenerr team