I've hit 110 members in my yahoo proxy group yesterday.
Starting at around 5am tomorrow I am going to start sending out weekday mails to this group informing them of proxy sites and proxy lists.
Depending on demand I plan on sending out just 2 or 3 links per mailing, with 1 being mine, 1 being for people who get the mailing by submitting to my proxy list and another spot will be taken for free by anyone who either PM's me with yahoo proxy mailing in the subject detailing their proxy sites or lists or who posts in this thread with their info.
If you have more than one site to promote they will be sent out one at a time at my discretion and I will endeavor to get them done as quickly as possible but still allowing others to get their sites promoted. ie if somebody posts 10 proxies and then somebody else posts just 1 proxy the first person will likely get one link sent out then the next day the next person will get theirs sent out and then back to the first person etc.
I will also only allow one proxy list site in each mailing.

So depending on demand it could take a couple of weeks to get all your proxies sent out but I assure you it will get done. If you want top ensure a faster inclusion simply submit your site to my proxy list with a backlink and it will most likely be sent out within a week. Please also realise that currently this list has only 112 members so don't expect a huge deluge of traffic from this, although it is growing by roughly 10 new members per day. And after all free is still free right?

You can check the group here