Would you like to become an influential Stumbleupon user?
Why would I? Because a single like (thumbs up) from an influential Stumbleupon user can motivate Stumbleupon to show that page to thousands of others. And if you have good content then, you sir, are in luck. You will be getting even more traffic.

So how do I become an influential Stumbleupon user?
1. Don't only add your own site, SU doesn't tolerate that kind of a behaviour. Add a lot of quality sites/articles/pictures/other interesting finds from the web.
2. Make friends - to become an influential user you must have a lot of followers, profile likes and positive comments.

How can I get all that?
Well, you can always follow a lot of people, like their profile page and write comments on them. But I think it would take too much time. That's why I made this topic. Let's all post our SU profile pages here for others to follow, comment and like. What do you think?


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