Hello Everyone

We are in need of 2 logos for a Project

One of the Logo is for ServeRoutes and other Logo for TransFive Networks (it is a network company owning sites and services related to IT)

ServeRoutes is related to Webhosting, servers and webservers
TransFive is a network which owns ServeRoutes and provides more IT/WebDevelopment related Services

Our contest price is $15/logo which can be increased or negotiated if your work is really above mark

Aside from this after this we will have few more contests for Mascots, TShirt designs and such merchandise so you can get in that as well and get more priority as we will be aware by your skills in this thread.

Please post atleast/around 2 Concepts for Both Logos with your asking price

We need it ASAP or within 48 hours

Payment via Paypal