Our Service is FASTER, CHEAPER, and SAFER than any other view provider on the market, We are proud to say that our customers are some of the happiest of any view providing service currently on the net, and we aim to keep it that way, which is why we have refund guarantees.


-5,000 Video Views. - $25
-10,000 Video Views. - $50
-1,000,000 (1Million) - 1,500,000 (1.5Million) Youtube Views to the video of your choice within a 24 hour period. -Price: $250

-100 Youtube Comments + 100 Youtube Rating + 100 add to favorites - $20.00
-250 Youtube Comments + 250 Youtube Rating + 250 add to favorites - $30.00
-500 Youtube Comments + 500 Youtube Rating + 500 add to favorites - $50.00
-1000 Youtube Comments + 1000 Youtube Rating + 1000 add to favorites - $80.00
-2000 Youtube Comments + 2000 Youtube Rating + 2000 add to favorites - $100.00

How can this help YOU?

- You get more views to your videos and generate more exposure
- It helps your search result rankings, and whenever somebody searches for the query, your video will be higher in the rankings
- Creates a placebo effect for your current subscribers. If you have many views, they will automatically like the video 23.56% more, which is proven by many tests. The view counter is right below the video, so the user does not have to scroll down to see it, and it creates an expectation before the video even loads.

Money Back Guarantee:

-No order will commence until payment has been received and cleared.
-If your video is pure Spam (no content) or against Youtube's TOS it may be flagged by the Youtube community and your video and/or account may be deleted by Youtube moderators. I can not and will not be held responsible if this occurs and no refunds will be given in this circumstance.

Additional Information:
- With this service Youtube Honors are NOT guaranteed, however they are common. Most channels go Number 1 for the day and Top 5 for the week.
- All payments via Paypal only.
- Although the views will be delivered within 72 hours max, Youtube Views only refresh every 6 - 12 hours. Please keep this in mind when checking your views count.

Payment via PAYPAL Only