I need a cover for my new ebook. You know, the picture that is used as a visualisation of a real book and is also used as the first page of the ebook. Something like this: http://www.ebookcoverartist.com/portfolio.htm or this: http://www.boxshot3d.com/wp-content/...3/box_book.jpg

The book is about JOB INTERVIEW, how to success it, how to make a good impression, how to write great CV and so on. Everything is up to you!

The language of the book is not english, so as the name of the ebook use "JOB INTERVIEW" but so, that we can change it later - we will send then the exact name of the book in the foreign language to the winner of this contest.

The winner will get 20 USD on PayPal, I will pay immediately after the end of this contest and after the name will be changed according to my instructions.

Looking forward to see your work! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!