Hello Digital Point!

I am wondering if you would be interested in helping me with a poem project that I am working on.

The concept is that people can post a tweet of any random word with the hashtag #UnumVerbum. Once a word has been submitted this way, the word will be automatically added to the @UnumVerbum Twitter account. The account itself becomes the poem and the content is attributed to all of the authors of single words, not to me. I would like it if my identity were concealed as I don't want credit for this (but I didn't give you one so that should be rather easy).

The poem will exist for as long as Twitter exists, any one can post any one word, and anyone can post as many single words as they want.

If you are interested in either promoting the project, or just sending a word or two, it would be greatly appreciated. It should be fun to see this poem take off and have an ever-changing, everlasting, and ever-arbitrary existence.

Thanks for your time!