I have now had a domain for the last 3 years or so, for the most part I have only had a holding page due to my business being on hold, now I plan to grow my business so I really need to have a good web presence. I have only 7-8 days ago launched my new website and am fully aware the proper indexing of pages etc can take a while, my issue is that I have always had a places page and analytics account. My webmaster tools are currently showing analytical data and that 7 of the 8 pages I submitted are indexed.
So I have noticed:

1/ Whenever I type in my company name Google never predicts it as it does with most other businesses I look for

2/ When I check Google maps it shows up but only for a short time did I get my google map to appear next to my listing - this has now vanished.

3/ My google places analytics shows no impressions or actions but my listing does exist

4/ I checked my page ranking and it shows 0/10

5/ When I type my company name my webiste .index page appears 4-5 down the 1st page, when I type in my company name & City it appears at the top with the first 6 indexed pages (one of these is incorrect but I am putting that down to time from launch)

I would be really grateful if someone could advise what more checks I can carry out, I am at a loss as to why this is happening or not as the save may be.

Many thanks