hey, I am looking urgently wordpress programmer (must have 5years exp)

I will purchase wordpress groupon plugin http://www.wpmaverick.com/

Programmer will fix on following site www.bid4discount.com with all features of cobone.com

Payment Gateway also included (paypal / credit card)

Maximum budget $300(I am purchasing wordpress plugin) If programmer really provide excellent work and 100% intime then I can pay upto $500

Contact me immediately by PM.

• Cities
o Ability to detect or suggest the city from the IP address
o Ability to change the City manually
• User Management
o User Sign-Up
 Standard Sign-Up
 Sign-Up using Facebook connect *
o User Login
o Password Recovery
o My Account
 Edit account information
 View purchased coupons
 Sort Coupons by status
 Facility to Cancel coupons that are not yet charged
 Manage Credit Cards
 Manage Newsletter subscription
o Referral System
 Refer a friend to join this website and earn commission
 User credited with commission when referred user buys a deal for the first time (one time fixed commission) *
• Deals
o Featured Deals in Selected City
 View offer details(Title, Image, Fine prints, Highlights)
 View Time remaining to avail the deal
 Pricings - Original price, Discount %, Discounted Price
 Deal offering Company information
 Address and Google Map for the company location
 Discussion forum for each deal to facilitate users to ask questions before they buy. *
 Share the deal on Major social engines such as FaceBook,Twitter, MySpace, DIGG, Delicious, Stumble upon & Email
o Side Deals (offered other then the featured deal at the same time) *
o Buy for a friend
 Buy the deal as gift for a friend and forward the gift by specifying your friends email address.
o Recent Deals
 View the recent deals that tipped
 Request the Recent deal to be available again
o Future Deals *
 View upcoming deals
 Subscribe for alert on upcoming deal
• Business Companies
o Sign-Up as company
o Request a deal to be posted on this website
o My Account
 Edit Profile
o Manage Deals
 List of all deals listed on this website
 View Reports on each unique deal
 View Sales and Amount details on tipped deals
• Recent tweets
• Newsletter Subscription
 City / Category based Newsletter subscription *
• How it works
o Info page to illustrate the users how this website works
• Static / Info pages
o About Us
o Contact Us
o Terms & Conditions / Refund Policy
o Privacy Policy
Back-end Administration Panel
• Multiple Admin Management
o Add / Edit / Delete/ Activate-Deactivate Admin
• Website Configurations
o Website Title
o Base website URL
o Admin Email for alerts
o Manage universal Meta Description and Meta Keywords
o Image Dimensions for the image processing
 Width & Height of image to be uses on deal details page
 Width & Height of image thumb to be uses on recent/future deals
• Deal Management
o Add / Edit / Delete/ Activate-Deactivate
o Schedule deal for future launch
o Search deal via keywords
o Filter Deal listing
 Deal's Categories
 Deal's Companies
 Location
 Deals Time Period
• User Management
o Add / Edit / Delete/ Activate-Deactivate
o Search User
• Company Management
o Add / Edit / Delete/ Activate-Deactivate
o Search User
• Email Template and Newsletter management
o Edit contents and format of emails sent on various stages to users
o Manage Newsletters to be sent out to users
o Manage Categories
o Manage Pages
• Manage Locations
o Add / Edit / Delete/ Activate-Deactivate Countries
o Add / Edit / Delete/ Activate-Deactivate States
o Add / Edit / Delete/ Activate-Deactivate Cities
• Reports
o View List of deals
 Tipped deals
 View Statistics
o Number of buyers
o Total Amount Generated
o Total Amount for the Merchant
o Total Amount of share for the website
o View Printable List of Buyers for the deal
o Export list of buyer for specific deal for the merchant
 Cancelled Deals
 List of subscribers