Hey there, welcome to the sales thread of www.getcheaplusones.com, its a Social Marketing website, where i provide clients with Google +1's, Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers, and i've built quite a good reputation around the net and specially on a forum, which is the main source of the income.

The sale includes:

Integrated Live Chat w/ full admin backend
Profitable business with minimal effort/investment, you hire someone else at a cheap rate, he does the job for you, you can't loose a dime on any sale, in the worst case You'll be doubling the ammount you paid to supplier.
You decide your profit, set your Pricing and Packages!
Premium and Catchy Domain

This a one of a kind online business, with huge profits with minimal effort. This business is quite profitable, and like i said above, in the worst case You'll be doubling the ammount you paid to supplier.
This business is a unique niche with little to no competitors. You can easily maintain this site from the comfort of your home, the only thing you'll ever gonna need is a common sense about how things go on this market, which i would of course be explaining to you.

Own your own online business with getcheaplusones.com and have 100% of profits! This This is a fully functional business.

I've made $220 in 3 weeks of owning this website, that's Total Profit, not counting the ammount paid to suppliers, which is of course very less.

This is a Google Plus One Business. It sells whats knows as “Google Plus Ones” in packages to a customer. After the customer orders, the only process you are responsible for is providing the site to your supplier and they will take if from there, you reaping the rewards. Very easy to maintain and you keep 100%

This Google Plus One Business is the easiest and most profitable business you will ever encounter!

Since this business is FULLY OUTSOURCED, making money with it is extremely easy! The only time you’ll need to spend on the operation of this business is driving traffic to it and processing your costumer’s orders.
If you have a PayPal account and can forward emails, you can make money today!


The Site offers four different Packages. Pricing / profitability for the site’s current packages are as follows.

Of course you are free to change the package sizes as well as the prices you charge, should you wish to do so.

50 Plus One for $25 (supplier charges $5 -Yes ,$5 !) = $20 profit per package sold! Well of course this is the smallest package that can be sold!

100 Plus One for $45 (supplier charges $10) = $35 profit per package sold!

250 Plus One for $115 (supplier charges $15) = $100 profit per package sold!

Just ONE Basic order per day: 30 x $24 = $720 profit per month !

If you sell One 250 Plus Ones package a day:30x$90=3300 profit per month.

Here, I'll also show you a screenshot Payments to my PayPal, keep in mind, all in less than 3 weeks!:

I'm also providing a couple people as their supplier, so it goes from hand to hand, and the profit is even bigger for you!

This site is set up and ready to take orders. It’s already been submitted to Google and SEO Optimized with a very professional looking website with a theme dedicated towards online businesses like this one package, also I'd like to point out that all the sales have been made through a Forum on which I'm selling these Services, but you can take it from there, this site will be on the way to making plenty of money in no time.

The Winning Bidder Will Receive:

Suppliers info with whole sale pricing- you can set your own pricing structure, if so desired - Set your Profits
Fully integrated PayPal order buttons
30 Days of Support from my side
The domain is registered with Namecheap.The domain will be transferred to buyers account .Any transfer charges,if applicable will be on buyer account.
I will help the buyer to transfer the website ,if the buyer chooses to host the site elsewhere

Do you need more information about the site or anything related to it? Please don't hesitate to PM me or contact me by E-Mail by clicking on my profile

Thank you for your time.