I'm selling 2 slots on the home page of my P2 UK technology blog site www.martinglover.co.uk . One is a site wide 468x60 header banner and the other is a home page 300x250 box.

Prices as follows:

Ad slot 1 (Site wide banner 468x60)
6 months: $40
12 month: $70

Ad slot 2 (Home page 300x250)
6 months: $35
12 months: $55

Or offers open to buying both slots for 6 or 12 months.

Site details:

PR 2
Stats as below are for March 8th to April 7th.

Anymore questions please PM/post. Ads can be hosted on your site with a link, or via mine. No *****, torrent or warez links please. Dating ok, as is gambling.