Photoswarm v1.5 Facebook Application


Admin Panel
- Password Protected
- Manage Multiple Apps (from one script)
- Manage Photo Categories
- Edit Templates
Manage multiple apps from one script
- One-click app setup
- Assign/upload custom landing pages
- Assign images and image templates
Catagories Image Management
Image categories are a set of predefined images that are posted to the users profile. Facebook imposes a limit of 50 tags per user per photo, so multiple images support allows your app to tag more friends than other competing products that only allow 50!
Edit Templates
- All values customizable via admin panel
- Edit default landing page (loads if no custom page is specified upon unique app creation)
- Edit app 404 page
- Edit loading page (customize loading page that is present to the user upon the initial install)
Tag Application
- Tags 50 friends per image
- Works in all browsers
- Based on the new graph API and iFrame canvas
- Works fast even on shared hosting like HostGator
- Ease of use: app get deleted? Quickly and easily get another one made with one-click app setup

Price: 65.00