Do you believe that one can actually learn internet marketing to become a SEASON marketer by going to seminars(previews) or even paid courses or they can learn or gain knowledge by doing a lot of readings at the first place? Personally i feel that one have to read a lot, at least 20-50 ebooks (ok, maybe too much)to really get the concept then only start applying if they are really new. I often go to local 2-3 days seminar where different speakers came and give 2 hours talk and then sell their programs. Most of the newbies who attend, many of them just din get it.

Most often after 3 days event, they will still think an email list is their friends from gmail, yahoo, hotmail.They will still ask question like "will i be consider spamming if i email to my friends" "what if i have no more friends to promote" "where to get subscribers""how do i sell cake to the US" and a lot more when the speakers did mention clearly about the marketing part.

I myself start learn internet marketing by buying a bundle of ebooks (about 50 ebooks) with quite cheap price from a local guy.And i read all of them. So when i first attend a seminar i'm pretty season compare to a total newbie. I even make more money than people who pay thousands buck to sign up programs where some of them are still zero sales. Perhaps people who dont read a lot are expecting people to SPOON FEED them and they just dont have the initiative to explore enough to find FREE resources online and they depend on the speakers to tell them what to do and they end up signing up expensive program.

So my conclusion is keep on reading to upgrade yourself then take action. Reading is very important to become an advance marketer, dont rely on going seminars alone. What's your opinion?