First of all, this is a website-app. This has the advantage of safely adding adsense on your own site, so you can earn more cash, and you do not need to buy a ssl certificate.

You can add a new image via the site's admin section or via FTP. I am using FTP because that way I can easily add as many as I want to.

After you add the new image you can set a name and description for it.

All the uploaded images will contain a copyright notice (you can add your own) which is automatically added to each new image.

People can vote the image on your site and by doing that your site gets free promotion on social media.

People can post the image they like on their facebook wall and by doing that you will get much more exposure. Remember, all your images have a copyright notice which links back to your site and each image posted to FB has a link back to your site.

Now go ahead and test the site and app at

If you liked it and are ready to buy, drop me a PM.

Have a great day!