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We are continuing to offer you the best possible managed hosting experience in the market. Some of our key features are as follow:

- Are you tired working with a big companies that do not care about your business? We take every of our clients business into account, and design a solution uniquely based on your need.
- Application & Server Monitoring Solution by New Relic. All resource usages are monitored in real-time, including CPU, RAM, Disk I/O, Network throughput, down to application's visitors, performance monitoring and error troubleshooting. (New Relic Standard is included for free (originally $49/month) on all of our server plans)
- We are a Fully Managed Provider. Our teams do not use pre-optimized OS template or pre-made optimization script. All of our managements, server optimization and hardening are designed by our server admins uniquely for you and your business.
- All of our VPS include cPanel/WHM VPS Optimized and Softaculous one-click installer.
- Activate CloudFlare for your website in a click (integrated with cPanel/WHM).
- Integrated SEO Tools (integrated with cPanel/WHM).
- Free $100 Google Adwords Coupon & $120 Adroll advertising coupon.
- Free 2Checkout submission fees ($49 registration fees waived).
- Free LiveChatInc Premium for 4 months (worth $596)
- Our VPSs use KVM Virtualization technology.
- Our non-oversell commitments: Max of 16 VPS per node, using newest Intel Sandy Bridge E3-1230 CPU, Adaptec Powered RAID 10 protected disk space and Gigabit Ethernet Port on each node.
- Our 100% network uptime guarantee is not a bluff or marketing gimmick, all of our servers are monitored by pingdom every minutes.
- Our IntenseGuard™ is the only Server Optimization and Hardening Solution that takes User-Experience into account. If you often accidentally get blocked by firewall/mod_security because of "idiotically strict" rulesets, that won't happen with us!

Full list of our perks:
Our Management Service Description:

Our VPS & Hybrid Server packages:

- LK-LiteStream
RAM : 768 MB
DiskSpace : 30 GB
Bandwidth : 1000 GB
IP Address : 2
cPanel/WHM + Softaculous : Included
Price : USD 39/month

- LK-Clements
RAM : 1280 MB
DiskSpace : 50 GB
Bandwidth : 2000 GB
IP Address : 2
cPanel/WHM + Softaculous : Included
Price : USD 59/month

- LK-Intense
RAM : 1792 MB
DiskSpace : 70 GB
Bandwidth : 3000 GB
IP Address : 2
cPanel/WHM + Softaculous : Included
Price : USD 79/month

- LH-Gigas
RAM : 3072 MB / 3 GB
Dedicated CPU : 1 Core
DiskSpace : 120 GB
Bandwidth : 4000 GB
IP Address : 2
cPanel/WHM + Softaculous : Included
Price : USD 109/month

- LX-Cosmos
RAM : 5120 MB / 5 GB
Dedicated CPU : 2 Core
DiskSpace : 200 GB
Bandwidth : 5000 GB
IP Address : 2
cPanel/WHM + Softaculous : Included
Price : USD 169/month

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