We are pleased to announce the launch of the new service aimed at providing the domainers with the reverse information about the domains, IP addresses and nameservers.

RevNS is for "REVerse Name Server lookup". It is only a matter of one DNS request, if you want to find out the nameservers used by the domain. But the reverse operation is not that simple. The same is true for the IP address lookup: querying address of a domain name is easy, but finding other domains sharing same IP addresses is not.

We are offering a solution for such problems. Our service offers reverse lookups for the common DNS queries (at present we monitor the A and NS records and monitoring is limited to .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us zones). With as little information as the nameserver, you will be able to find out the domains using this nameserver. And by simply inputting the IP address, you will be able to find out the domains hosted on this address.

We monitor nameserver records daily and we can provide the following information on the nameserver:
  • How many domains are using the nameserver
  • The exact domains that are using the nameserver
  • Historical data for the nameserver
You can either browse the results or export the list to a text file.
You will be able to find the domains that were added to or deleted from a specific nameserver on any date (for the time we’ve been monitoring the records).

  • Historical data for any domain we are monitoring
You can see the nameservers that were in use for the time we’ve been monitoring them.

  • The domains that are hosted on a given IP address
You can either browse the results or export the list to a text file.

Our service offers three types of accounts:

  • Guest (very limited functionality, 100 daily credits)
  • Regular user (limited functionality, 1000 daily credits)
  • Premium user (full functionality, 10000 daily credits, $19.95 monthly)

During the time of the beta test, you can get a FREE premium account valid through 04/30/12.

All you need is to sign up for a free account. All the registered accounts have the premium status till 04/30/12. No credit card or any other personal information is required, all you need is just a working email address.

Please follow the two rules during the beta test:
  • Do not share your password with a third party
  • Do not register multiple accounts

We will have to suspend accounts with a shared password or multiple registration.

We welcome your questions and feedback on our service. You can post your questions via forum, or using the contact form on the website.

Welcome: https://revns.com

Enjoy our service!