I need someone to install and configure a good webstore script for me.

It can be ANY open-source script you choose, that will satisfy bellow criteria:

1. support (and i mean PRACTICALLY support, and not choke on) some 10-15k products
2. be very SEO friendly
3. have all popular eCommerce tricks on it (image zooms, tell a friend, bestsellers, choice of checkout methods, etc etc etc .. the standard package).
4. be open source and have a good community of free addon creators.
5. you should find a good theme for the script that will correspond to the niche -> "Industrial Machinery". I'm ready to pay for the theme separately if it's not a free theme

Out of all above - the most important parts are it REALLY need to work easily with some 15k products, and it really needs to be good in terms of SEO

If you think you can do this, please install it somewhere on your own hosting, configure the whole thing and let me take a look .. if i like it - i pay you and we transfer the site over to my hosting and get done with it. That way you don't have to worry about someone taking your job for free and i don't have to worry about paying for something of unknown quality.

If you up for the job, please PM me with the price you ask and you may start working right away. This post contains all the info you need to get started (script requirements listed above, and the theme for "industrial machinery" niche).

P.S. Here's an extra job, if you're up for it .. (if not, it's still fine). I also need a little sub-script to process my feed of products (given to you in any format you like) and insert it into the webstore. This should be done automatically (on a cron) every night (so the webshop's integrated "product import" thing, if any, won't be good since it most likely requires a manual start).