Selling another one of my websites. This is an information website, providing info about some get paid to search websites.
The domain is 4 years old. Its getting around 600 unique visits per month. It ranks quite well in google, for search terms such as "get paid to search" about result 6 in It also gets traffic from people searching for the old get paid to search website which was called "MyHomePageFriends".

The website contains all unique content and has several backlinks from other sites. I'm selling as I don't have the time to keep it updated or to work on it - if you were to update it you'd get even more traffic. All you need to do to start earning from the site is to place a few referral links to get paid to search sites, or other make money online schemes. It would suit some free paid survey site offers, which you could earn about £0.50 /$1 per sign up.

Any questions just ask.