If you are looking for the best way to get a free iPad, then I’m glad you’ve found this website and I strongly suggest you keep reading….
Because this is my uncensored story of how I received many electronics for free from the Internet. The ups, the downs, what stuff didn’t work and finally the two sites that were so dependable that I consistently got free electronics from them!

One of the sites where you can get your iPad for free is:
This site is part of the Transcendent Innovations Network. You probably have never heard of this site, so let me brief you on who these guys are.
Transcendent Innovations Network is a network that has existed since 2003. Since then it has shipped over $8 million dollars worth of free gifts to its users. There are many users from all over North America that have received free gifts from them.
They are used by many respectable companies to help them promote their services, here are a list of companies that Transcendent Innovations has worked with in the past.

The Name of this network is Freebiejeebies
The main reason why people think They are a scam is because they just don’t understand how They can give out free gifts without losing money ourselves. In reality, it is only “free” to you, the customer – there is actually a lot of money being passed from hand to hand at the FreebieJeebies HQ. FJ is actually a business, not a giving charity, and they actually make money from giving us these free gifts. Each gift they send out makes them around £40 of profit. They make the money from the offers – the advertising company pays FJ every time their offer is completed! Don’t understand? Refer to the chart to the right as well as the graph below.

Who? Cost Reward
You (user) Free – £10, depending on offer completed. Free iPhone, Free PS3, Free Cash, or anything else you want for free.
FreebieJeebies Cost of your gift and delivering/handling. Commissions from Advertisers at about £25 per offer completion.
Advertisers About £25 commission to FreebieJeebies per offer completion New customers trying their services. Much cheaper than an untargeted TV/Radio advertisement.

Proof i Got free prize of iPhone

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