80 - 350 High Quality .edu Backlinks
~ Get High Rankings in Search Engines

.edu backlinks are very important in helping you improve your sites ranking in search engines. Sites having .edu backlinks are given more authority than other sites. Why? Because sites having .edu backlinks are considered to be good resource for whatever they are "selling" (giving information about). The content of that site is considered to be of good quality, so much, that it is referenced (linked to) by an education site.

So having .edu backlinks can really improve your chances with having good search engine results. I am not saying you should completely rely on having .edu backlinks. Having different type of links is much more important but .edu backlinks are very important part of having different kind of links.

Here I am providing you a service, giving you a good opportunity to have those .edu backlinks for very cheap. So order your packages and make your site more worthy of good rank in search engines. Here are my packages.

  1. 80 .edu backlinks - $8.99
  2. 170 .edu backlinks - $17.99
  3. 260 .edu backlinks - $26.99
  4. 350 .edu backlinks - $35.99

Service Description:
I will build you ordered number of one way .edu backlinks to your site using your given website URL and anchor text.

I am only providing a submission service, i.e your site will be submitted to places (.edu sites) where you will get your .edu backlinks from. Performance may vary depending on your website URL and anchor text used.

Your site will be submitted to more sites than ordered to get maximum possible number of .edu backlinks.

I will provide a one time, partial, backlink replacement service. if your links are dropped by sites where your links were approved I will build them again for the number of dropped links. .i.e. I will build your backlinks again if it gets dropped within 3 months of having them.

Payment: I will accept payment through paypal and online bank transfer (for orders coming from India. current day fx rates will apply).

Ordering: PM me to order and to get my paypal email address. All the orders will be completed within 5-7 business days. After ordering send me your website URL and anchor text to use for linking, through PM.

Report: A report will be provided to you after completion of service

Refunds: There are no refunds. Please make up your mind before ordering. Refunds will be issued only if your order is not processed due to unavoidable reasons.

More .edu Backlinks: If you feel satisfied by my service and want to order a yet bigger package, then please contact me through PM for a quote.

Any questions about this service is welcome.