FreebieJeebies is a worldwide independent rewards program. Since they started in March 2007 they have sent out over $1,000,000 in free gifts and gadgets, ranging from iPhones to Gaming Consoles to Fridge Freezers. Using the custom order feature on the site you can get just about anything you want.

It is owned by Richard and Alex who regularly post on eXecem which is one of the worlds largest referral based freebie forums. Their usernames on the forums are Moviedrome (Richard) and Monkeyegg (Alex).

  • FreebieJeebies were one of the first referral site to allow users to ‘roll-over’ their referrals. With FreebieJeebies you carry forward all unused Freebiejeebies referrals when you order a gift.
  • No time limits, ever. You can take as long as you like to get your free gadget
  • They also offer tracking features on your referral list that shows you where the referral saw your link, the date and time they signed up and the country they signed up from.
  • The ability to choose which item displays first when your referrals visit the site.
  • They take their privacy policy very seriously and you will never receive any spam from them.
Since February 1, 2010 they started trading as freebiejeebies Limited (Company Number: 7097671)

How can they afford to give away these expensive gadgets for free?
It’s quite simply really, it’s called affiliate marketing. Each time someone signs up to the referral site and completes a free trial offer or one of the other offers, the referral site gets paid from that advertiser. Here’s how it works step by step:
  1. You register with the referral site
  2. You complete a free trial offer
  3. The referral site gets paid from the advertiser for you completing a free trial offer
  4. You refer X amount of friends/family to do the same through your link
  5. The referral site gets paid from the advertiser for each of your friends/family who complete a free trial offer
  6. You then receive your free gadget
Let’s take the free Intuit offer for example. Every time some signs up to the referral site and completes it, the referral site gets paid $30. So if an iPod Nano is 5 referrals and each of your referrals complete the Intuit offer, then the referral site earns $30 x 6 (5 referrals + you) = $180. This money pays for your free gadget.
Intuit are earning potential customers and is an easy way of advertising for them. The referral site is making money and you receive your free gadget so everyone is happy