Agreement for Script Modification

1. ( should be able to enable/disable the mentioned features in the free plan so that i can provide this free to the new users so that they can use all premium services with simple sign up.)
4.ability to delete old profiles & cron job
5 special characters should not be allowed in the user name eg @#$%&* and user name should be given by automated generated the script. so that it
doesnt appear too big
6 i've deleted some users from admin panel but there user id still remain visible in the featured profiles
check this link no doubt this profile is not available but i think it should not display in the featured section if its not active.
7. need a chat feature
8. need a sms feature which should be automated and it should not need any gateway to send recieve sms, it should be able to send recieve sms of its own system.
9. it should generate their horoscope automatically, according to their birth dates.
10.cron job.
11. automated matching notice according to their horoscopes( admin can on this feature for the users and can switch it off from the admin panel)
12.ability to delete old specific users who are not active from the last 1 or 2 years.
13. automated suggessions to the users on the basis of their requirement of the partner, caste, traditions,
14. account for the agents.
15. affliate program
16. live support so that at least 10 people can provide support. ticket
18. script installation instructions and the complete code
19. easy signup facility for the users
20. coupon code to sign up as premium users, to get off 20%, 50%, 70%, 85%
21. if admin want he could make the new users signup straight to the premium account without paying anything. & what ever you think + the has new advance feaetures
22. The developer is agree to provide me the script with all above functions i mentioned in 13 days after recieveing half of the payment of $200USD.
23 he would satisfy me with all the features i mentioned or going to refund all half money payment if he would failed to do so.
24. modification agreement price would be of $400USD, in which half of the payment would be paid first and other half he would recieve after satisfying me with all features
25. The developer is agree to to fix the bug i face in 1 year.
26. neither me nor developer will edit any of our post in digitalpoint thread.