Hello Guys,
  • Are slow loading websites turning off your customers?
  • Are you losing conversions and customer loyalty because the pages take forever to load?
  • Is your current web hosting unable to scale up for the load and performance needed for managing the peaks in your traffic?

If the answer for any of those questions is YES, then we can help you Super-charge your website’s performance and hence improve the quality of browsing for your viewers.

Who am I? And what is the Offer?
Hi, I am David Henzel, Vice President, Marketing at MaxCDN, one of the fastest and most popular Content Delivery Network services that will make your website blazingly fast.

Normally, our starter package gives you 1TeraByte for $39.95, however, if you use the coupon code "digitalpoint", you can get a 25% discount, which means you save $10 and get the same starter plan for at only $29.96. To allow you at Digital Point to test-drive our services, I am offering and an additional 25% discount for our CDN services.

If it sounds good already, click here to SignUp Now, else read on for more information.

A bit more about what is a Content Delivery Network, and why should you use MaxCDN?
We are a Content Delivery Network service providing Company. We provide pull zone facility, wherein we cache the content like images, css and JS, i.e. all the static stuff from your web server to our edge servers around the globe, then when a visitor visits your website, this content is served from the edge server closest to their location, thus improving the speed of content delivery.

You can check our simple video (it'll just take 2 minutes):

Benefits of using a CDN
A great content delivery network (CDN) is one of the most basic ways to boost your business and instantly make more money.
A faster website gives you a significant competitive advantage. Getting fast means, you will...
  • Pay less in Adwords
  • Rank higher in Google searches (Speed is a part of Google’s ranking algorithm)
  • Increase your conversions (due to better customer quality-of-service)
  • Make more money!

We do not bind you with a contract, and the MaxCDN uses a pay-as-you-go model. Our pricing is designed to make things easy for you. While the starter pack costs less than $30 for the first 1TB of bandwidth (using the above coupon), you can always purchase more bandwidth at $0.07/GB or less. Check out http://maxcdn.com/pricing to get more details.

We run a rock solid Anycast Network with 10 PoPs, 500 peering partners worldwide and direct reach into over 90 countries with state of the art servers including Solid State Drives for blazing fast delivery.
Check out our Network for more details and to see exactly how our CDN system will work for you.

Some of our Many Customers:
Hundreds of notable websites take advantage of MaxCDN's content delivery services. Here's just a sampling of some of our top clients:

Mashable.com, Templatemonster.com, BuySellAds.com, Uservoice.com SitePoint.com, Earthday.org, ThisWeekIn.com, VentureBeat.com, Mahalo.com, etc.

With each, we have come up with tailored plans that maximize profits and speeds and minimize delays. No matter the website, big or small, if you want to run more effectively, our CDN program will do that for you instantly.

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Any questions? We would love to hear from you. Please write to sales@netdna.com or give us a call at 877-563-8362—we're here to help!