I've been running a blog via WP 2.6.1 in a sub-folder on one of my domains i.e. mydomain1.com/blog, which I plan to move to mydomain1.com I'm also planning to update from WP 2.6.1 to WP 3.3.1 and I'd ultimately like to add WP and/or BuddyPress to multiple domains (all separate entities & topics) i.e. mydomain1.com, mydomain2.com, mydomain3.com My web host has "upgraded my account" to the required versions of PHP & MySQL; so I've backed up my current blog's Database & Files and disabled my plugins but have a few questions: 1) Did my web host need to upgrade my hosting account to the required versions of PHP and MySQL BEFORE I update from WP 2.6.1 to WP 3.3.1?? 2) Currently, I go to mydomain1.com/blog/wp-login.php to administer my one blog. Where will I go to administer WP and/or BP on multiple domains after adding them? 3) My current theme doesn't appear to be available in the WP Theme Directory, how will updating to WP 3.3.1 affect my current them? 4) What else should I be concerned about before upgrading from WP 2.6.1 to WP 3.3.1? Thanks! BTW, My apologies, if this post looks like one big paragraph as it does in preview. I tried to space it out properly when writing. Thanks again!