Hi guys,

I am not going to put exact details on this thread as this information can be used by competitors but I am looking for a serious investor who is looking to invest in a $24,000 a month business.

The business is in the "make money online niche" and the business
Can be expanded further to make double if not triple that.

In order for me to take my time to explain the business and provide all evidence, logins etc I will need somebody with between $15,000-$30,000 investment capital. You will also learn valuable trade secrets that will let you set up multiple businesses on your own in the future. One website earning less than what this is currently making has recently sold for $120,000 so there is big money involved here. I am not looking to sell the business I am simply looking for an investor. Your role in the business can either be silent or active. If your role is active you will be answering emails and advertising. Please pm me. Serious investors only.