I am looking for several forum posters who can post UNIQUE content to my forum.


This way this work is simple;

We will either negotiate a price per post / thread (or) a flat rate per 100 words you post.

In order to qualify for this job - you need Skype, Drop Box, and some past work to show.

Work flow will be as follows:

We will give you a small number of user names to use. If you want to be paid - you must use the accounts we give you.

Next - each post will be cataloged into an excel sheet that is stored inside of Drop Box (in this excel you will track your post URL's - word count - and other elements).

From there - we will settle via Paypal.com ONLY on a weekly basis.


If you think this is the job for you - please post here and PM me with some samples of your work and your Skype user name.