Windows Encoding RDP/VPS

The RDP/VPS is a Virtual PRIVATE SERVER which comes pre-installed with :

- Windows 7 Professional x64 (Windows Server 2008R2 upon request)
- 5 Different encoding programs installed including handbrake, media encoder, ect.
- Enabled RDP ACCESS.

- PRIVATE VPS which means you are the ONLY one using those resources.
- All encoding boxes have a dedicated 4 cores running at 3.7Ghz
- All encoding boxes have 2GB RAM upgradable to 16GB
- All encoding boxes are handled by top of the line VMWare software to ensure the best performance
- All encoding boxes come with 25GB of disk space running on a RAID-10 with optional FTP Storage for data backup

VPS Addons Avalible:

RAM - Upgrades in RAM are $5/mo per GB
HDD - Upgrades in HDD are $7.5/mo per 10GB (package deals for large quantities)
CPU - Upgrades in CPU are avalible per 4 cores $25/mo

Storage: FTP Storage may also be purchased for $5 per 100GB

How can I use it?

- These boxes are designed specifically for media encoding, they will come equipped with programs for FTP as well as all types and extensions of media encoding. Any programs that may better serve you in the purpose of encoding using these boxes for data crunching please contact us and we will get it installed for you. There will be no torrenting allowed off of these boxes unfortunately. If you are looking for a seedbox we offer those as well, please contact me.

This implimentation is currently under beta testing for us and we are looking for people to test it out. Right now we have a limited number of slots open for these boxes so we can work out any kinks before launching a very large implementation of this. The box that is being offered now is as follows:

Windows 7 x64
Dedicated AMD Phenom II X4 @ 3.7 GHz
25GB Disk Space


These WILL sell out quickly as not many people allow encoding on their machines, so if you are interested please PM me.