I want to sell my blog that I created on blogspot. total blogs that I want to sell there are 9 blogs and various niche. occupies all of the blog page 1 in google.com but blog visitors are not too many because I choose keywords with low competition. but these blogs have a regular income from google adsense each month.

Keywords & Blog :

_http://concreteexpansionjoints.blogspot.com/ - concrete expansion joints
_http://bestfertilizerforgrass.blogspot.com/ - best fertilizer for grass
_http://gettingridofpimpleovernight.blogspot.com/ - getting rid of pimple overnight
_http://cleaningmicrofibercouch.blogspot.com/ - cleaning micro fiber couch
_http://basketballcourtdimensions.blogspot.com/ - basketball court dimensions
_http://kettlercrosstrainer.blogspot.com/ - kettler cross trainer
_http://eminent-luggage.blogspot.com/ - eminent luggage
_http://cheap-fencing.blogspot.com/ - cheap fencing
_http://natural-facemasks.blogspot.com/ - natural face masks

Adsense Revenue:

BIN: $100 (buyer cover fee)

Payment via PayPal

if you seriously want to buy my blog, please pm me. Thanks
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