I'm James Winsoar, creator of the Email Marketing Robot - the revolutionary new software that's putting B2B list brokers out of business and helping small businesses to generate millions of dollars worth of sales on auto-pilot. I've just launched a brand new associates program that I'm very excited about!

I'm currently looking for super affiliates and experienced JV partners to launch this software, so if you've got experience recruiting sub-affiliates, or you are already successful in the business to business marketing software niche - this could be exactly the right program for you.

We pay an astonishing US $118 per sale. So if you're used to earning $25 per 1,000 downloads you've just struck a potential goldmine! You could be earning up to $11,800 per 1,000 downloads!

Best of all, we auto-accept all new affiliates so you can start earning immediately!

Here's how to get started:

1. Watch the video to understand how the software works:

2. Register for the associates program and get your affiliate link:

3. Promote the program and earn money!
Let me know if you need any marketing materials, banner ads, text ads, keyword lists etc.

You get paid in two ways: Firstly you earn 25% on your own sales. Also you can recommend the affiliate program to other affiliates and get paid an override of 10% on all their earnings too!

60 Second Associate Registration Form