Hello friends. First, thanks for taking the time to read this. My name is Ryan and I am looking to build a horse racing syndicate website. Here are the things the website needs to have.

+The biggest part is user functionality. I need clients to able to:
A) Register an account.
B) Fund the account with a CC/ACH/PayPal
C) Withdraw Funds
D) View a list of horses that they own.
E) I need very functional message boards and a chat room. Users should be able to "friend request" other users and see when those users are online and when they have purchased shares of a new horse. Users should also have a control panel when they login that can show their racing stats and some biographical information.

+I need the site to dynamically update the percentage of each horse that is sold. Let's say I buy a 5% and the payment is processed. I want it to automatically update on the page for that horse that 5% more has been sold. May be in like a little bar similar to the ones you see that tells you how close you are to completing a download for a program of some sort. I also want some sort of ticker box on each page showing a list of all of our active partnerships and the % subscribed they currently are.

+I need some sort of back end system where I can create new pages for horse partnerships on my own. I need to be able to update the site seamlessly on my own. I have plenty of knowledge of HTML and I'm anticipating once the actual site is built that I wont have a problem keeping it updated.

There are more details which we can discuss later. Please email me at and/or reply to this thread if you are interested.