If you don’t like doing keyword research, or it takes up too much of your time, why not try out my service? I’ll do the keyword research for you. Here’s how it works:
You tell me a niche or product you want me to research, or I just pick one myself. I do the research and send you the stats, minus the actual keywords. That’s so you can see the numbers and decide if it’s worth your time. It’s a “try before you buy” type of thing.

If you like the stats, you pay me, then I send you the full report, keywords included.

If you don’t like the stats, you don’t pay! And I’ll research another keyword for you if you’d like.

Sound fair?

Here’s what you’ll get with my service (all these stats are taken into consideration when determining the ranking difficulty for your keyword):

- Keyword #1 with Adsense CPC of $1 or more
- Keyword #1 with at least 1,000 local monthly searches (USA) in Google
- Keyword #1 with 350,000 or less search results in Google for “Phrase match”
- Keyword #1 with 20,000 or less allinurl in Google
- Keyword #1 with 20,000 or less allintitle in Google
- EMD available (.com or .org only. May contain other words at beginning or end of phrase.)
- Number of backlinks for the top 10 pages for Keyword #1 in Google
- PR of the top 10 pages for Keyword #1 in Google
- Number of backlinks from EDU and GOV domains for the top 10 pages for Keyword #1 in Google
- SEO page analysis for each of the top 10 pages for Keyword #1 in Google
- A summary stating why I believe it will be possible for you to rank within the top 10 spots for Keyword #1 in Google within the next 6 months or less, as long as you put forth appropriate SEO and backlinking efforts.
- I will also give you at least 5 related long tail keywords which contain keyword #1. These are not checked for ranking difficulty, search volume, or CPC. They are provided to give you content ideas and to help you catch obscure long tail keywords that most other websites will miss or are not bothering to rank for. Over time, creating content using these supplementary keywords should increase your site’s visibility in the search engines.

How do I know my research methods work? Because my website borageoilbenefits[dot]org is currently #3 out of 333,000 results for the phrase "borage oil benefits" in Google. Allinurl=117; Allintitle=168; 1,300 local monthly searches; less than 30 dofollow backlinks.

Obviously, most phrases will have more results for allinurl and allintitle, and will therefore need more than 30 backlinks to get to position #3, but I think this shows that I know what I’m doing when it comes to keyword research.

Why not give my service a try? You have nothing to lose. Don’t pay if you don’t like the stats in my initial report…

And if you do like the stats, the full report is only $15. (Paypal only.)

To request an initial report, reply to this thread or PM me. I look forward to working with you :)