Hi... I just placed a listing for my website on Flippa, and I am concerned that I won't attract much attention. I wasn't about to spend $500 for a Featured Listing, so I'm hoping that my description will pull people in.
Read this and let me know what you think it's worth, and what I could do to market my listing better. The site is listed with a min. bid of $10k with a BIN price of $220k.
Here's my desc...

For those of you know don't know, SaabKyle04 is a channel on YouTube that specializes in “in-depth” car tours and reviews. With over 1,400 videos to date, SaabKyle04 has over 65,000 subscribers and his videos are viewed on average between 200,000 and 300,000 times PER DAY, and that figure is growing as well! SaabKyle04 is set to have over 100,000 subscribers within the next 3 months, and will have doubled his current view count of 68,000,000 within the next year. I would not be surprised if the daily view count increases to over 500,000 views per day. SaabKyle04 was even featured in Car & Driver magazine!

Up for sale is my pride and joy- my website, under the following domain: www saabkyle04 com. I own this domain and the website, the only web pages dedicated to this online celebrity. I begun this project and purchased the domain in January 2011 with the intention for it to be a small website with limited features. Well, my vision changed, and I begun creating a website so advanced and abundant with activities to keep users hooked on the website, that it's taken me almost a year and a half to complete this site. It's been “complete” (Is anything really complete in a webmaster's eyes?) for a couple of months now. After all the energy going into the site, I never really took the time to advertise it and push it into the SaabKyle04 viewers.

This website has potential to earn $200,000+++ per year in advertising revenue (SEE ATTACHMENT). The automotive niche is a high-paying and high CTR niche and will prove to be extremely profitable. This is a top-level premium domain and matches exactly to the YouTube channel's name.