Hello DP.

I need a Reservation Book script designed which will show up in Calendar view. Basically, I have a reservation book on paper that I would like to transfer over onto a website, so that I can access it from anywhere and be able to make changes/reservations. It needs to be password protected and would be great if styling could be edited either in a CSS file or through the HTML (I prefer CSS but have no problem editing either)

I need the following: Category Support (color coded), Should be able to click on a date and then add another reservation or look at reservations, add number of people, price per person, date, name and phone number. The calendar should output like the picture attached (picture only shows one day but should be self explanatory). Weekends should be 20pixels wider then weekdays (weekends are friday, saturday and sunday). Should be able to search events.

There is one slight error in the picture: It says there will never be more than 3 events per day. That's actually 4 categories per day, with unlimited events per day. Sample categories are: Birthdays, Weddings, Barmitzvah/Batmitzvah, Funeral, Banquet, A-la-carte. When selecting the category, there should be a checkbox which allows you to fully book the day for that event, making the day "unavailable".

If you look on the mods.jpg that I attached, April 3rd, April 8th, and April 22nd, that's about what I'd like to have. Ignore the way the other dates look.

Let me know how much you think this will cost.

I would like to mention that I really like the Event Calendar here: http://www.phpjabbers.com/demo/eb_20...n&action=login

It just has some shortcomings.

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