I'm looking for one or more individuals to do some do-follow link building for me

*The links would have to be on pages that are relevant and not filled with spam.
*They cannot be forum profiles or anything to do with social bookmarking.
*You will have to provide me a detailed list where the links you have created were placed, I would then verify the links within 24 hrs.
*I will not pay for links that can't be verified or that are placed on pages that contain tons of spam links or any spam to be honest if the link is not a do-follow link or the page is irrelevant I will also not pay you.
*I will not accept multiple links coming from the same domain,
*Pagerank is irrelevant, and I don't care if it's a pagerank 0 or pagerank 10 page the price will still be the same
*I will set how many links you can place in a day if you go over this is your problem and not mine so make sure you understand the agreement before starting the work.
*If you use automated services ie: Xrumer etc I will know and I will cancel our agreement and you will receive no funds.
*I will not pay tons of $$$ per link so make sure your prices are affordable
*I have a set daily budget in mind and I will not pay by the hour, Meaning ... if the link takes you 5 hrs to find I will still only pay the per link budget we agreed upon, as this is not my concern but yours.
*I will only pay via paypal and the payment will be made daily or weekly whichever you prefer.

*I have a good iTrader and have been a member of this board for many years so rest assured your work if done within my guidelines will not go unrewarded.

Thanks and PM ME for anymore information