Well i m going nuts with this..year ago my blogspot was deindexed from google..and i ask at google groups why it is..they say me low content..like you add just videos ( then i thought wtf youtube is all about that).. i believe due the panda update..as my blog work great for two years.

So i decide to open website and make it even better write lots of news,previews and similar and i m doing it..but at first it was bad...little of visitors..then it grow up trough search engine..and i use to get few thousands of people..to my site just trough google..and even just video post receive avarage 500-1000 viewers,and then again something happen..Google bots started to swamp my site and every day for at the least week and half they are using about 3 gb of my bandwidth..just them.

after that..my site traffic drops for 70 % and even my articles which usualy got 1000 viewers start to get only