How much quality, hand written content can you get today for only a dollar?

Sure, there are many services out there offering a low rate per word. While those who offer these cheap services speak English natively, the work itself actually gets outsourced to writers who may or may not have a questionable capacity for arranging clear thoughts.

So what can you do?

You need content but your budget is limited. How can you get the content that you need at a low rate, and still be able to ensure that the content is unique, and quality?

When you need content that is:

1) Of a higher quality
2) Written by hand
3) Always 100% unique
4) Clear and understandable
5) Highly informative
6) Extremely affordable
7) Delivered on time
8) Written by a native English speaker
9) Exactly as you need it
10) Consistently

Then look no further!

I was born in the mid-west and raised along the gulf coast of Florida. I was educated in the U.S. and upon graduating from college set out, across the world to witness life outside the comfort and security of U.S. boarders; and have loved every single minute of it.

I have been writing online for webmasters from all over the world since 2006. I have to date, written millions of words of content for the web under the pen names of kc8ual, Juvelyn Clark, Nicholas Clark and many more.

I can get very busy at times writing content for websites because my work is impeccable. Usually, I pick up a long-term commitment within a few days of offering my services. Sometimes I get recognition for my work, sometimes I do not. Nevertheless, I always do my best with each and every single article; as if I were writing the content for my very own website.

What I am offering you today is the opportunity to write a 350-word article for only a dollar.

That is a rate of only $0.0029/word!

How can you avail this amazing price for quality content?

Simply post on this thread telling everyone that you are interested in hiring me. Then send me the details of your order by PM and I will get to it as soon as I can. You will be responsible for supplying the keywords for the article and its length in words. Please no 1,000-word articles; try to keep them between 350 and 500 words. In addition, if you are ordering more than two or three articles, I will also need your email address so that I can send the completed articles to you. Payment is only asked upon the completion of the work; I will never ask for any payment up front.