This contest will start today and go until the end of the day on Wednesday! The winner will get $50 with the potential for us to purchase other designs as well.

I need a FULL PAGE (8.5 x 11) flyer designed for for upcoming event that I'm going to be hosting.

The design is for a type of run called a "mud run". If you don't know what that is, you should look it up before even attempting this. Essentially, we run through the mud, drink beer, and during this type of run... the runners are running from police snipers. Essentially, we are recreating what it means to escape from prison. Runners run 3-6 miles, while being chased by "police" snipers with paintball guns. Their ultimate goal is to survive not only the run but the snipers themselves.

The design is more about drawing in the user in order to HOPEFULLY bring in more registrations.

Things that HAVE TO be on the design:
- Facebook address:
- Website address:
- Email Address:
- Name of the company: Mud, Sweat, and Beer LLC (this can be small, it's not that important, but has to be on there, even if it is in a corner somewhere)
- Prison Break Mud Run (This is the name of the event, obviously, this has to be on there)
- No dates, no prices... as these change frequently and we want to be able to use these on a regular basis.

People have to look at it and want more information about it. It has to make them say.. "hmmm..."

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I will