Im looking for 2 wordpress websites THEMES With all the appropiate plug ins . Or one theme that can be used for 2 websites that i can implement a few changes to myself

Im looking for 2 websites both can have a similar or same design . Im looking for twitter ingration , etc .
Im looking for several pages . HOME , SERVICES , PRICES , PORTFOLIO AND CONTACT US PAGE . I need the ability to add a page .

The design needs to be professional business like and im going into the marketing business .

Both websites can have the same design but one needs to be for the ***** industy so a different title and url needs to be put on the second site . The first site is for normal businesses non ***** .

All i need is a zip file for the wordpress theme with the first business site and i will intergrate it into the ***** website ,

Im looking for as cheap as poss , looking to complete when im back in UK this week ,

pm me