I am seeking someone who has a decent background with marketing. I am seeking a hard working, young marketer who can generate leads and drive large amounts of traffic to a website.

You should have experience in :

Article Marketing
Video Marketing
Building Back Links
Converting Leads

I will be hosting and outsourcing webinars of all categories and will need a strong marketer who can get word out and generate leads. I will be selling seats to these webinars which you will be marketing to try and sell. I am willing to make this a 50-50 split on all profits made. I will also be helping with the marketing so we can work together on a plan layout. I will be setting up a simple website and will be using a cheap webinar software. We will upgrade everything once we start bringing in profits from our first webinars. I am looking to sell seats up to 200 per webinar ranging anywhere from $5-$100 per seat depending on the presenter and quality information they will be sharing. I will be outsourcing most of the presenters and we will pay them a certain amount to do the webinar. The way I see it, its a win win for us and presenters, especially people that are knowledgeable and need work to make some money.

I am looking for the best marketer available. Since there will be a lot of PM's, I will take the best applicant. So, make sure you include everything that involves your past experience and other important criteria that prove your worthiness.