Are you looking for a wow Horde guide because you think that they level faster than Alliance ones? If you are an Alliance player that wants to change faction, read this before you do.
Every gamer in every game will say that the other team or faction, or race, or whatever is better than what he chose. This happens when they can't get something done right, or other players beat them at something. While there might be a chance that you chose the lesser side, most of the times it's not true. This is because of a lot of things, so I will just stick to wow at the moment.
If you think about it logically, Blizzard would've never made Horde better than Alliance, or vice-versa. This is because everyone would be on the best side and they won't have anyone to fight. That is why both factions have the same classes. So when it comes to leveling, you can tell that they did the same thing.
The areas are different, the quests are different and even most of the mobs are different between Horde and Alliance leveling routes. But they are all equivalent to one another. For example, the 1-10 level area. There are several of them on every faction. But only one is the best. On Alliance, the best starter zone to be in is Elwynn Forest. In order to make a fair comparison between Alliance and Horde starting areas, you need to pick the best starter area for Horde as well, which is Durotar. Only then will you see that they are the same.
If you mix them up in any other way, of course one will be better than the other. And so it goes with pretty much everything in the game. If you think that your Paladin is worse than a Horde Paladin, it is clear that you chose either the wrong talent build, or the wrong race.
So to answer the original question, no, the Horde faction does not level faster than the Alliance one. As I already said, this implies that two players level at the same time, having the same utility characters and gear and having the same level of skills. If a lot of Horde players level faster than you, it might be because they have more free time on their hands, or they are simply better at the game.
If you still believe that one side levels faster, all you need to do is to get a WoW Horde guide, level a character from 1 to 85 and see how much played time it took. After that, make the exact same class on Alliance, use a leveling guide there too and see how much time it takes to level there. You will notice that the time on both characters will be roughly the same.
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