Hello All DP Members,

I am Freelance Web Developer based in Semarang, Indonesia.

I have expertise in developing Content Management System (CMS), eCommerce, Blog, Forum, and custom web development.

I love doing custom development, as each project has it's own requirement. Programming is my Passion, for me nothing is impossible in programming you just have to think differently.


What can i do for you ?
  • Custom CMS
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Minisite creator
  • Online Marketing
  • and others...


How about detil ?
  • If you have planing to create your own portfolio or personal blog, wordpress is my coice. I can help you to create website and custom your template and fix trouble if you found it.
  • For eCommerce, Prestashop and Magento my basic. If you want online store with full feature like management system, payment gateway and other i have more solution for you.
  • Minisite is important asset if you have planing to sell ebooks and software. Safety is key, because I see so many websites that can be accessed directly without having to buy their products. So be carefully, google can crawl your secure area if you didn't have powerfull minisite.
  • Good news if you want market your website online, i can do it for you using Adwords, Social Networking and others.


Another advantage?
  • Guide you "How to...." after sales, so don't worry if you don't know how to use.
  • Maintenance and check if we found bug on your web.
  • Small marketing your website like submit to search engine.

It is a bit of skill that I can do for you, if you have a desire that others may I help you.
so do not hesitate, please contact me directly. I'll be happy to provide input to your problem.

Contact :

Skype : adfoteam
Yahoo : adfoteam
email : support(at)adfo(dot)us