Dear community,

I am looking for someone who can help me out!
I created a login page for my intranet and the problem is that it looks perfect on my computer! As soon as I visit this site on my iPhone or any other computer the login site looks different! I made two screenshots to show what I mean. I am looking for someone who can fix that so that the login page will look the same on every browser on every computer and on every smartphone!

Here it is and how it should look like:

This is a screenshot from my iPhone:

As I already said it is not only on smartphones such a view! Also on other computers I get this error! Do not know why it looks normal on my computer!
I really need someone who can fix that! It should be simple for a CSS expert! I want that the login page looks as it should!

If you are interested PM me and let me know if you can do that and how much I have to pay if I choose you!
Cheapest and best offer will get this quick job!

If you have a question leave a reply here!