Hi All

I have developed this FREE PC Security Guide over the years and it works well.

ALL tools and software in the guide are FREE for Home / Personal use.

It covers the following PC Security methods:

System Restore Points - Creation / Management using better tools than those built in to Windows
Registry backup with ERUNT
Quick Temp File cleaning with TFC
Malware Protection
Virus Protection
Online Virus Scans
Firewalls - Windows and Comodo Personal Firewall
Immunise IE / Firefox with SpywareBlaster
Behavior Based Malware Protection via Threatfire
Keystroke Encryption via KeyScrambler
Software Patching via Secunia PSI
Windows Updates
Browser Protection - Vital Security Add ons for Chrome, Firefox, IE
Limited User Accounts (LUA)
Disabling Autoruns
Alternative DNS Services
Web Content Filtering
Password Management
Social Media Best Practices
Email Security
Virtualization - Apps and or OS
Host File Protection
Backups - Online, System Image, File / Folder, Email

Hope it helps someone.

Comments, suggestions, questions, feedback very welcome.