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Electric Chapel was planned to be a Social Network for Lady Gaga fans (Little Monsters). The domain is named after Lady Gaga's song "Electric Chapel" in which she sings "If you want me, meet me in Electric Chapel". Our Social Rank is pretty high in the Lady Gaga fan scene, which causes a good traffic without even being online. Our page is generally mentioned as very influential and as a reliable source for Lady Gaga news (as we've used our social accounts for providing Lady Gaga news).

A layout was already done by a professional graphic designer, it's already coded in HTML, but the PHP part is missing. We already have 3500+ Pre registrations that will be sold along with the domain, the web design, and our Facebook account with 12.550 Likes (

It's up to you if you want to create a whole own system, or if you rather want to use a free Twitter clone, the result will be mainly the same, as our concept bases on the same structure. Only the design and the topic makes the difference.

I'm sadly not able to put this website online, as I'm working full time for an agency now, so I'm simply unable to work on it. This website has a high potential to cause a good income. Similar websites like GagaDaily get about US 5000$ monthly only through advertisement. You only need a little patience and time.

Google adsense was added as a test to the site in July 2011, and £89 was made (proof can be provided)
Demo's can be given out if you're interested. Picture previews:

Things included:
All website files, including all PSD's
Facebook page
Huge social rank

user: demo
password: demo

Looking for at least $400, but would accept anywhere around $300 as we're looking for a quick sale.